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As a Freelancer Communications it is my mission to assist organizations with their communication activities. I do this by helping you with the communication strategy and planning, create and coordinate content for websites, social media posts, blogs and newsletters. These tools are important to connect with your consumers and, if used correctly for the right target groups, it can be highly effective marketing tools within your communication resources. I can coordinate these tools separately or implement them together and create coherence within the strategy of your organisation, campaign and event.

In addition to the communication tasks, I can assist you in project management activities for events and festivals. I can be of assistance in designing, planning and executing an event and create a positive team-spirit for your internal teams and third parties. 

My hourly rate is € 45,- 

Or choose one of the following packages:

  • Package of 20 hours:  € 740,-
  • Package of 16 hours:  € 624,-
  • Package of 12 hours:  € 492,-
  • Package of 8 hours:    € 344,- 

The following conditions apply to the packages:

– The packages are valid for six months.
– Payment must be made within the 14 days after receiving the invoice.
– You can use the hours how and when you want.
– Hours you have left will expire after six months.


I use the Toggl tool to keep track of the hours I work and I will send you a report if required. 

Communication strategy & planning

– Writing and coordinating the communication plan
– Design creative concepts that support the strategy
– Translate objectives into Communication strategies
– Developing new business relations/ opportunities
– Managing client relationships

Text writing

– Writing press releases
– Blogs
– Content for websites
– Check and/ or rewrite your texts

Social media

– Creating content posts Facebook and Instagram
– Planning and coordinating post

Project Management

– Manage the project from start to finish: setting up project plans and own every step of the project journey
– Coordinate internal/ external resources for the execution of the project
– Ensure that the project is delivered on-time, within scope and within budget
– Manage the relationship with clients and other relations involved

Digital newsletters

– Create, send and answer email campaigns
– Planning & coordinating newsletters