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About me
Ever since I was little I have a great interest in the numerous ways we can communicate with others around us, for the ultimate purpose: To connect with each other. Therefore, it was the most logical step to get my Communication Science degree. After gaining work experience at a media agency in Holland, I started to feel limited by how my life was unfolding and had a deep need to travel around the world.

The last few years my travels have brought me in some of the most beautiful and spiritual places, from Ibiza, Australia, Asia to India. I was fortunate to experience insightful events, such as retreating into the bush in a ‘women’s circle’ in Australia, to spending a month learning about Yoga in an Ashram in India. Lots of different experiences but they all gave me the same insight: That by getting disconnected from external factors, there is time and space for your own thoughts and process. It taught me that by connecting with yourself and others around you, there is room for authenticity and vulnerability. From there we can create honest connections, which will lead to caring for one another, helping each other and working optimally together.

This is when my feeling for contributing in my own way to a conscious world was born. It resulted in my idea for ‘Free Spirit’, to help create connections that will let people grow.

About my way of working
My ambition in life is to contribute to a more conscious world, where people are respectful towards each other and towards their environment. My specialty in this lies in communication, improving your connection with the outer world, i.e. your customers or consumers for example.

Therefore, I offer communication support. I bring value to you by working from this honest place with an open mindset, enthusiasm and a creative approach. My thinking-outside-the box –style comes with new ideas, innovative and disruptive solutions and always with a personal and positive touch. I adapt easily in different environments since my experiences abroad and this will help us in building an optimal working relationship and in building the right connections that you want with your outer world.